Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM 365)

The HRM 365 Human Resource Management solution developed by Axnosis allows real-time and integrated management of human resource processes in the most complex environments within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

Organisational goals are supported through effective utilisation of human capital, worker development, goal harmonising, employee engagement, employee life cycle management, satisfaction and morale.

Ultimately the main benefit is that the organisation becomes more productive and is able to realise the full potential of its human resources.

HRM 365 is an ideal complement to the other Axnosis developed solutions including GRC 365 for performance management and OHS 365 for occupational health and safety.

The solution includes support for:

  • organisational structures,
  • HR administration,
  • employee engagement,
  • training and development,
  • reward,
  • absence and
  • exit management processes.
HRM 365 BEE (Black Economic Empowerment)

In South Africa, there is a strong need to advance economic transformation through the participation of black people in the South African economy. The policy of BEE was introduced by the South African Government to help achieve this objective. The purpose of BEE is to help ensure that all people in South Africa are provided with the opportunity to participate in the economy irrespective of their historical backgrounds and circumstances.

The HRM 365 BEE add-on enhances the core Dynamics 365 ERP system with additional data and reporting functionality that meets the requirements of Black Economic Empowerment under South African legislation.

The overview video below demonstrates some of the key features of the HRM 365 BEE add-on.

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