General rules for health and safety

Axnosis is the developer of the OHS/HSE and GRC modules INSIDE Dynamics 365. So it goes without saying that we take the environment, health & safety seriously. Safely is our responsibility when carrying out work at a customer Site. Axnosis has a high regard for the health and safety of its workers, the clients’ workers and persons at or in the vicinity of a customer site.

As Axnosis develops software for OHS/HSE and GRC, we need to be up to date on the latest developments and trends in these fields. Axnosis staff are immersed in global health and safety. Our software must comply with more than one geography. We achieve this with ongoing training. New recruits are exposed to 'Basic Safe Work' and Occupational Health & Safety and off course our world class leading software.

Axnosis takes pride in being in this unique and responsible position. Our values, ethos, services approach and the strength of our relationships with our supply chain and clients alike are seen to be innovative and field-leading in that we are confident that we make our own tangible impact upon the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S) targeted by the United Nations.

When Axnosis engages in a new project; we take into account the client’s environment and policies regarding safety precautions and programs. Axnosis attempts to conform to applicable Health and Safety laws and requirements, including requirements of any applicable government instrumentality and client corporate, business unit and site requirements. Axnosis identifies and manages all reasonably foreseeable hazards created by performance of the work.

This includes:

  • Attending safety inductions, regular attendance of safety meetings.
  • Where applicable doing our own project risk assessment of the site, and during the project conduct inspections, safety walk-about of the work environment.
  • As an output of above we have “Evacuation and emergency planning” for every site.
  • Axnosis staff are encouraged to have regular medical checkups and this is underpinned by encouraging Healthy living and wellness in the workplace.
  • Identification and proper labeling of dangerous and hazardous substances.
  • Take all measures necessary for maintaining proper personal hygiene, ensuring safety of persons and property and protecting the environment at or near the Site.
  • Avoid unnecessary interference with the passage of people and property at or near the Site.
  • Prevent nuisance and excessive noises and unreasonable disturbances in performing our work.
  • Ensure proper PPE when needed and where applicable. We take into account:
    1. Working at height and night
    2. Confined space entry (and the need for sentries)
    3. Exposure to dust, noise and asbestos
    4. Etc.
  • Be responsible for the adequacy, stability and safety of our site operations.
  • Incidents and near misses will be reported to the client.
  • Travel to and from site is planned taking into account environmental impact as well as safety.

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